Le Tour de Peninsular Malaysia Virtual Run

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Event Date : 12:00am of 01/2/2021 to 11:59pm of 17/3/2021

Duration : 45 days

Distance : 2200km

Concept : Team Event

Time/Venue : Anytime/Anywhere



All runners will do their run whenever they think convenient, outdoor, treadmill, trail (if allowed), with the Government Standard Order Procedure (SOP) complied.

The team distance will be plotted onto an electronic map, starting from Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur, towards west coast to Port Dickson, following the coastal way down south to Melaka, Muar, Batu Pahat, Johor Bharu, then moving north at east coast to Mersing, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bharu. Onward west to Gerik in Perak, diverting north to Changlun and Perlis the most northern state of Malaysia.

From Perlis onwards,it will be similiar to Trans Malaysia 1000 (TMVR1000), Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah, Sg. Petani, Butterworth, Taiping, Setiawan, Kuala Selangor, and back to Merdeka Square at Kuala Lumpur.

All teams can do as much as possible until the destination is reached, or finished the distance no later than 45 days from the first day this event started, which is 1st February 2021, and ended at 17th March 2021.

All teams virtual routes will be plotted onto an electronic map every night.

Objectives - Caring for The Animals

To raise fund to feed the animals in Zoo Negara Malaysia.

The Covid-19 Pandemic, not just change our life and community living, the lifestyle, affected all human daily work rotation. It also affected the tourism industry which is the worst hit. Zoo Negara is struggling with the expenses to feed the animals. Although those animals shouldn’t be in the cage, it is not just to entertain the visitors, perhaps, it is also bringing the education purposes to our younger generation, closer understanding the animal kingdom.

The fund collected through the registration fees and the public donation will be used to purchase the raw food, deliver to the co-ordinated vet based in Zoo Negara. The raw food then will be processed by the Zoo Negara feeding centre to feed the animals.


Our online virtual map is available now. Check your team position in relation to your team total mileage everyday. This map will refresh everyday at 10pm


Le Tour De Peninsular Malaysia Challenge 2200km Route plan

Finisher Medal

The Virtual Run

  • Team event up to max. of 6 teammates.

  • Team members will be doing their own running outdoor, at the place convenient to each runner.

  • Each member can do the run on their own, no mass gathering is necessary.

  • The average total distance of each team member is 366.67km, average daily mileage for each member will be 8.15km over 45 days.

  • You can choose to do just the average total mileage, but every team member may help each other to cover the distance.

  • Social distancing will comply with Government Standard Order Procedure (SOP)

  • All team will have 45 days to complete 2200km.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Team members can be from any running group/club, or intermediate group (provide team name).

  2. Team up to max. of 6 teammates

  3. Each result must have a date, distance and duration.

  4. Each individual will have to upload the proof of run via an online form at the end of each day.

  5. Submitting the results and the proofs need to be done by the individual runner before 9pm every day.

  6. Team members can do their run wherever/whenever they preferred.

  7. Running activities after 9pm can be submitted together with the next day activities as a daily record.

  8. If any of the team members like to do 2 running sessions on the same day, total distance will need to be submitted as each individual runs, with all the activities submitted as proof.

  9. Final results will be plotted to the map daily, to show the destination of each individual or team.

  10. Any team members can run as much as they wish, every day.

  11. No submission of the run is necessary if zero (0) mileage for any day.

  12. No minimum mileage needs to be done every day, team members can help each other to cover mileage to achieve the target 2200km within 45 days or less.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Runners need to do a proper run/walk, in the recreation park, treadmill, or anywhere they think convenient.

  2. An indoor treadmill is allowed but the treadmill panel is not allowed as the proof of recording for running (participants need to record their running activity using their watch on a treadmill).

  3. Wearing the watch/phone to record the distance while doing their job is not allowed.

  4. Runners will need to obey the social distancing, complied with Government Standard Order Procedure (SOP) while doing the run/walk/cycling at the park or the public area.

  5. T-shirt and medals delivery will be sent within 30 days after the event ended.

  6. All participant’s t-shirts and medals will be sent to the team captain only.

  7. Please provide the correct information upon registration to avoid misunderstanding that may occur.

  • Final day for registration in on 14th January 2021

  • Event start from 12:00am 15th January 2021 and ended at 11:59pm 28th February 2021.


  • Please provide full name. This is for e-Certificate.

  • Please make sure the registration details are up to date and correct, Ultra Sports Adventure will not responsible for any misleading or postage error due to the wrong information provided.

  • Registration fees including 1 piece of high-quality t-shirt per person.

  • Registration fees will be made on a team basis.

  • Payment has to be made in full upon the registrations.

  • Registration fee payable to:




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3815713818


  • Important note: Please state your “TEAM NAME” on bank transfer REFERENCE for the payment confirmation.

Registration fees as follow

** Early bird registration fee until 26th January 2021


  • Postage included in the registrations fees.

  • Postage outside Malaysia, but within South East Asia included.

  • Postage of the purchased t-shirt and merchandise is included within Malaysia.

  • All participant’s t-shirts and medals will be sent to the team captain only.

  • The tracking number will be sent to team captain email, in case of any un-collect parcel and return to us, team will need to pay the cost of the re-send.

  • Tracking will be the responsibility of the team, Ultra Sports Adventure will not responsible for any lost or damage of the parcel.

Participants Entitlements

  • High-quality event T-shirt

  • Event Medal (subject to finished the distance)

  • E-Certificate


  • RM15 from the registrations fee of each participant will be channelled to purchase raw food for animals in Zoo Negara Malaysia.

  • Donations from the public will be contributed in full.

  • All donations can be made to Total Sports Solution, please forward your bank transaction statement.

  • Donations payable to:

Bank details




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3815713818


Important note: Please state “2200 DONATION” on bank transfer REFERENCE for the transaction confirmation.

T-Shirt Purchase

  • RM60 /pc

  • Postage is included (within Malaysia only)

  • Bank details




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3815713818


  • Important note: Please state “2200 T-shirt” on bank transfer REFERENCE for the payment confirmation.


Q & A

1. Can I change t-shirt sizes and teammate details?

Yes. All enquiry have to be done at the Ultra Sports Adventure FB Messengers.

2. How soon all the enquiry will be responses?

Please allow up to 11pm for the responses on the same date the enquiries been sent.

3. What if I didn’t send my running/walking activity?

There’ll be no record for the activity.

4. What if I done the running/walking activity after 9pm?

Your activity may carry forward to next day, but the proof need to be send for the recording.

5. Can the finishing tee and medal send to each individual member?

The finishing tee and medal will only send to team captain.

6. Can I change my t-shirt size during or after the event done?

All t-shirt size changes need to be done before the event start on 15/1/2021.